What’s On Your Dock?

Jun 7th, 2015 Apple, Technology 2 min read

I posted an image of my iOS dock on Twitter and was interested to see what other people had in place on theirs.  Having tagged the official Twitter accounts for @1Password and @YNAB, I was happy to see that I had some form of interaction on Twitter from both companies. First of all, here was my original Tweet. Intrigued to see what other people have…

Hello World!

Hello World

Jun 5th, 2015 General 1 min read

I find myself every year or two, realising that I have neglected my blog.  I always find that I don’t post anything that I write as I’m afraid it won’t be what people are actually looking for.  But this is, for me, a personal blog. Without making a statement about posting often or making promises as to what content should be expected, I wanted to…