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04 Feb 2021

Plant a Tree every Day for Free

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At some point in 2020, whilst the world was falling to pieces, I discovered an app for my phone that promised to plant a tree in return for me looking at a piece of sponsored content.

Each day, I have a notification set to alert me that I am able to plant a tree that day. When opening the app, I am offered a number of places around the globe that I can choose from and after choosing a location, I am shown a piece of sponsored content, usually a couple of pictures and maybe a video. The sponsors within treeapp seem to be well curated and have typically been promoting eco-friendly (“green”) products, available for me to purchase here in the UK.

All in all, it takes less than a minute of my time per day and is supporting the efforts of NGOs (non-governmental organisations) around the globe in reforestation and making the world a slightly better place.

Since discovering this app, my attention to these sponsors has contributed to the planting of 138 trees (correct at the time of writing). I have also introduced the app to two friends who have collectively contributed 136 trees planted! 274 trees isn’t going to save the planet, but if three people can do this, imagine what would happen if everyone made a conscious effort to make little changes to their daily lives….

Take a look at Treeapp and start planting trees today!